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Frequently Asked Questions

Though we include a detailed User Guide with your download, we also know that you may have questions about Artisan Creatif prior to purchasing the theme. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers.

If you have a question, and do not see it here, feel free to ask in the item’s comments section on ThemeForest and we will answer as soon as possible.

How easy is it to customize Artisan Creatif?

The short answer is very easy. Artisan Creatif comes with a theme options page where you can upload a logo or favicon, customize your home page, manage your blog and portfolio presentation and so much more. The theme also comes with 5 custom widgets, two page templates and a custom post type for your portfolio and case studies. In each of your case studies, you decide whether you would like to display your featured image, a list of images, a slider gallery or a video. Whew! That was a mouthful.

Is there more than one slider option for the home page?

Yes. There are two different sliders to choose from, large and small. You set which to display, via the theme options page, as well as how many recent portfolio items to show.

I like the functionality, but want to use my own design. How easy is that?

The download package comes with all of our production level PSD’s for both light and dark versions. Each PSD contains named layers and groups, our vertical layout grid and our baseline grid for typography. Use the PSD to create your own designs, backgrounds or color palette. You are only limited by your imagination.

We strongly recommend child theming for all customizations. In fact, we are such advocates of this being the best way to customize any theme that we include a starter child theme with your download. Upload both directories to your theme’s directory and activate the child theme. From there, customize until your heart’s content. This way, in the event of an update, you only need to update the core and preserve your customizations. Nice, right?

If you are already comfortable with child theming and would like to disable the core’s stylesheet and the alternate stylesheets, simply select None, in the Alternate Stylesheet theme option and delete the @import declaration in the child theme’s style.css file. You now have a blank canvas to paint on.

How many portfolios can I have?

Artisan Creatif comes with one custom post type, named Portfolio natively. If you would like to have additional portfolios, you will need to add these in your child theme. There will be no plan to add additional portfolios to this theme.

Are there mandatory plugins I need to install for the theme to work?

No. The theme will work just fine without our list of recommended plugins. But, if you would like to extend Artisan Creatif’s functionality, as we have in this demo, you will want to download and install them. Each plugin has been hand chosen and vetted for compatibility and stability and, though we cannot guarantee someone else’s work, we firmly stand behind these recommendations:

Does the theme support drop down menus?

The theme comes with 2 WordPress 3+ navigational menus. The main header menu allows for a top level and sub menu only. If you require additional menus, you will need to add this customization to your child theme. The footer menu, located below the copyright line, does not support sub menus.

How will the theme perform in Internet Explorer?

The theme’s code has been performance tested in all major modern compliant browsers. This means we will only support those browsers, Internet Explorer 8 (running in Standards Compliant mode) and Internet Explorer 9+. We no longer support any versions of IE older than these two.

Do you provide customization services?

No, we do not, but are happy to help with simple customization questions on our official support forum.